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Mohammad Alam Channa
Alam Channa.jpg
Born 1953
Sehwan, Sindh province, Pakistan
Died 2 July 1998
New York
Nationality Pakistani
Other names Channa
Known for World Tallest Man, 7ft 7inch

Mohammad Alam Channa (1953, Sehwan, Sindh province, Pakistan – 2 July 1998, New York) was the world's tallest living man at 232.4 cm (7 ft 7 inch) high.[1] During his life he had been billed at various heights of up to 7 ft 6 while working at a circus.

Channa's abnormal growth was noticed by his family when he was ten years old, and continued until he was 26. Channa worked at the shrine of Shahbaz Qalander at Sehwan.[citation needed]

In 1998 Channa went to the United States (USA) for treatment for various ailments, including high blood pressure, diabetes and Kidney malfunction.[2] Channa died of kidney failure in a New York hospital was buried in his ancestral town of Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan. He was survived by his wife Naseem, whom he married in 1989, and with whom he had a son.[3]

Preceded by
Suleiman Ali Nashnush
Tallest Recognized Person
1992? – 1997?
Succeeded by
Ri Myung Hun


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