Alameda Municipal Power

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Alameda Municipal Power
Industry Electric utilities
Founded July 11, 1887 (1887-07-11)
Headquarters Alameda, CA
Products electricity
Headquarters on Grand Street; November 22, 2012

Alameda Municipal Power (formerly Alameda Power & Telecom) is a municipal utility serving the City of Alameda, California. Founded in 1887,[1] it provides electricity to approximately 34,000 residential, commercial, and municipal customers.

Alameda Municipal Power electric rates are typically lower than in surrounding communities, but are not always the lowest available to Alameda residents. Alameda Municipal Power utility also provides a revenue stream to the City of Alameda, supporting municipal services and economic development efforts.[citation needed]

As Alameda Power & Telecom, the utility previously provided Cable TV and high-speed Internet services to city residents; their system was acquired by Comcast on November 21, 2008.[citation needed]


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