Alamitos Bay

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Alamitos Bay
Aerial Image of Alamitos Bay
Alamitos Bay, 2015
LocationLong Beach, California
Coordinates33°44′59″N 118°07′05″W / 33.74972°N 118.11806°W / 33.74972; -118.11806Coordinates: 33°44′59″N 118°07′05″W / 33.74972°N 118.11806°W / 33.74972; -118.11806
Part ofPacific Ocean
Primary inflowsLos Cerritos Channel
Ocean/sea sourcesPacific Ocean
Harbor seals at Alamitos Bay, photo from an old postcard.

Alamitos Bay is an inlet on the Pacific Ocean coast of southern California, United States, between the cities of Long Beach and Seal Beach, at the outlet of the San Gabriel River.

The bay is named for the Spanish word for 'little poplars'.[1]


Alamitos Bay is protected by both the natural sand spit Peninsula and the Long Beach Breakwater. It is divided from the San Gabriel River and Seal Beach by a pair of jetties. The natural geography has been heavily altered by dredging and landfill subsequent to development.


Alimitos Bay contains Marine Stadium, created for Olympic rowing events.


Naples, a collection of three islands, is entirely within Alamitos Bay.


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