Alamsyah Ratu Perwiranegara

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Alamsyah Ratu Perwiranegara
3rd Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare of the Republic of Indonesia
In office
19 March 1983 – 23 March 1988
President Suharto
Preceded by Surono Reksodimejo
Succeeded by Soepardjo Rustam
12th Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia
In office
29 March 1978 – 19 March 1983
President Suharto
Preceded by Mukti Ali
Succeeded by Munawir Sjadzali
Personal details
Born (1925-12-25)December 25, 1925
Netherlands Kotabumi, North Lampung, Lampung, Dutch East Indies
Died January 8, 1998(1998-01-08) (aged 72)
Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia
Religion Islam

Alamsjah Ratoe Perwiranegara (born in Kotabumi, North Lampung, Lampung, Dutch East Indies on December 25, 1925 - died in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 8, 1998 at the age of 72 years) is an indonesian military who had served as Minister and Ambassador of Indonesia.

Education and the School[edit]

Alamsjah first basic education in Cape Coral then continue in Lampung Gakuin (junior level) and finally completed in LPPU school level (high school).

During the Japanese occupation (1942–1945) was following military education Gyu Gun. After Indonesian independence August 17, 1945, Alamsjah sent to India to follow the military science education at the Senior Officer Course at Mhow and then continued his education at the General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, United States.

Military and Political Career[edit]

The last military rank achieved before entry into the cabinet as Secretary of State was a lieutenant general — Men / Army (treasury). Alamsjah also became Ambassador Ri for the Netherlands in 1972–1974. Due to his health condition, Alamsjah replaced by Lieutenant Sutopo Sudarsono. He was then appointed Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Advisory Council (DPA).

In the Development Cabinet III (1978–1983) was appointed Alamsjah Minister of Religious Affairs and the Development Cabinet IV (1983–1988) he served as Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare.

Alamsjah had a vacuum of world politics in the years 1989–1991 due to coronary heart disease which finally carried out surgery by-pass in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore.

After convening Non-Aligned Summit in Indonesia in 1992, Alamsjah appointed Roving Ambassador of the Non-Aligned for Middle East affairs (1992–1995).

Retirement and End of Life[edit]

In retirement from politics Alamsjah lead a company named officer Penanggan queen and spends his time at his home in South Jakarta Housing area.

On 18 November 1997 Alamsjah got a severe asthma attack and was treated in Hospital MMC, Kuningan, Jakarta and died on January 8, 1998. Alamsjah military burial with military ceremony led by Gen. Wiranto in Heroes' Cemetery Sky View.


His father named Baharuddin Yoesoef (1885–1929) and his mother, Siti Mariam (1892–1935). Alamsjah was the youngest of nine children; brother's names are Bermawi Ahmad, Siti Arbaeen, Siti Hafsyah, Siti Amenah, Mohammad Adenan, Siti Rohaya, Mohammad Sirod and Marsiyem.

On January 12, 1952 Alamsjah married with Maemunah Alamsjah Siti, who was born in Palembang on April 15, 1930. The couple was blessed with five children namely Joseph Haery Alamsjah, Muhammad Ali Young Alamsjah, Muhammad Salah Denny Alamsjah, Siti Mariam Merry Alamsjah, and Siti Hafsah Alamsjah Atty. Of his children, and his wife obtained Alamsjah 12 grandchildren. One of them was Abdul Sattar who was born on (September 30, 1984) of the pair Siti Mariam and Dr. Merry Alamsjah Eternal Soetisna, MSI.

Several grandchildren Alamsjah the other of which is Achmad Syamsuri Young, who later was named small Amot (25 April 1987) were born to Atty Alamsjah and Ir. Agus Bakhtiar and Ahmad Shukri (3 November 1988) of Muhammad Salah pair Denny Alamsjah and Ginna.

The eldest grandson of the couple's son Joseph Main Haery Alamsjah, M.Arch and Ir. Suharto Arimbi goddess who is the daughter of dr. H.Soeharto & Sprott Tedjasukmana Suharto, Siti Maimunah is Jibrilia, Abdullah M. Abi Alamsjah, Siti Khadijah Tikha, Abdurahman M. Dumas, and M. Abdurahim Khairy Alamsjah Young. Alamsjah eldest son also followed his father's footsteps in service to the country as the people's representatives in the DPR / MPR since 1992 and had served on the DPP Golkar and ICMI Center.