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Alan Becker
Personal information
Born (1989-05-18) May 18, 1989 (age 30)
EducationColumbus College of Art and Design
ResidenceDublin, Ohio, U.S.
YouTube information
Also known asnoogai89
Years active2006–present
Subscribers8.9M subscribers
Total views1.195B views
(31 August 2019)

Alan Becker (born May 18, 1989) is an online animator and YouTuber from Dublin, Ohio, best known for creating the Animator vs. Animation web series and its spin-offs Animation vs. Minecraft (AVM), Animation vs. YouTube (featuring many well-known YouTubers), Animation vs. League of Legends and Animation vs. Pokémon on both Newgrounds and YouTube.’’[1]

Life and career[edit]

Becker was born on May 18, 1989. Since his youth, Becker had been an avid fan of animation. With two of his favorite short films being the 1953 Looney Tunes short Duck Amuck and the 1959 adaptation of Harold and the Purple Crayon, both of these shorts contained animated characters using their surroundings to draw things out, which would serve as major inspirations for his later works.[2] Growing up in a financially struggling family, Becker claimed that his family owned merely one computer that was shared between him and his siblings. It was through this computer that he began experimenting with pixel art, beginning in 2001. Eventually becoming homeschooled in 2005, Becker received his first laptop an Acer TravelMate which he used to begin animating using Macromedia Flash (later Adobe Flash and currently Adobe Animate); his first official animation, titled Pink Army, was posted on Newgrounds in 2004, where it did well. On June 3, 2006, at the age of 17, Becker posted the hit video Animator vs. Animation on Newgrounds, where the video quickly went viral and led to it being re-uploaded on various media websites. According to Becker, an unnamed company offered him $75 for "exclusive rights" to "Animator vs Animation", but decided against it, heeding to the advice of Steven Lerner, owner of Albino Blacksheep. Later, he discovered that his animation had been uploaded to the notorious entertainment website eBaum's World without permission (for which the site was infamous of doing to many other video creators).[3] After Steven Lerner used this as evidence in a legal battle against eBaum's World, Becker accepted a $250 payment for use of the animation. However, following a change of heart, he returned the money and had the animation removed.[4]

Atom Films persuaded and funded Becker to create a sequel after the success of his first animation, and so he created Animator vs. Animation II. In 2007, Charles Yeh offered to create an online game based on the animation, and after looking at his impressive work, Alan agreed to collaborate with him.[5] Soon after many requests for a third animation, Animation Vs. Animation III was finally released in 2011. Becker intended to make the third short the last in the series, stating that he "wanted to make sure that no sequel could come out of that" by ending the video with the blue screen of death, as if the computer itself was dead and the animation series couldn't go any further. Despite this, he has stated that his animation teacher had inspired him to continue on YouTube. His fourth video, Animator vs. Animation IV, received over $11,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter.[6]

Becker has also created works related to the video game Minecraft, such as the video Animation vs. Minecraft[7] and a server based on the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro.[8] Becker also created a series of "how-to" videos regarding animation based on the "12 basic principles of animation" which was uploaded on his secondary YouTube channel "Alan Becker Tutorials".[9]

On November 21, 2017, Becker announced that he was working with Insanity Games to create a card game based on his animations.[10] The estimated release date for the card game was in May 2018.[11] It has since been released and made available for purchase.[12]

Starting on November 18, 2017, Alan Becker started making new short Minecraft animations due to the fact that Animation vs. Minecraft receives more attention, beating Animator vs. Animation as the most-viewed video on his channel.[13] On June 30, 2018, 09:44:52 EST, Animation vs. Minecraft reached 100 million views on YouTube, along with a video showing the upcoming spin-off, Animation vs. League of Legends.[14]


In 2007, Animator vs. Animation II won a "People's Choice" Webby Award.[15]


Year Animation Notes
2004 Pink Army
2006 Animator vs. Animation
Trampoline time-lapse
2007 Machine
Stop Motion - Worm
Animator vs. Animation II
AIM spam 100 IMs in 13 minutes
2009 Instant Messaging in Real Life
2010 We Are Corn
If Water Had Eyes
Frog and the Fly
2011 HOST.NET Animation
My First Maya Animation
Crank Powered Dancing Eggplant Machine
RiverRun Film Festival intro
If Water Had Eyes COMPLETE
Animator vs. Animation III
Something Freaky
The Burger
2012 Burger Box
Stick Texting
2013 My paper crane flew away
A Wild Pokémon Sighting
2014 Revolt TV Animation
Revolt TV Animation 2
Animator vs. Animation IV
2015 Chairbending
Stick Texting - A Whole Conversation
Animation vs. Minecraft
2016 The Story Of Love
2017 Animation vs. YouTube
AVM Shorts #1 - The Rediscovery [1]
AVM Shorts #2 - The Building Contest
2018 AVM Shorts #3 - The Roller Coaster
AVM Shorts #4 - Potions
AVM Shorts #5 - Note Blocks
AVM Shorts #6 - Command Blocks
AVM Shorts #7 - PvP
AVM Shorts #8 - The Nether
AVM Shorts #9 - Villagers
AVM Shorts #10 - The End
AVA Shorts #1 - The Virus [2]
Animation vs. League of Legends
AVA Shorts #2 - The Chosen One's Return
2019 AVM Shorts #11 - SkyBlock
AVA Shorts #3 - The Flashback
AVM Shorts #12 - TNT Land
AVM Shorts #13 - The Dolphin Kingdom
Animation vs. Pokémon
AVM Shorts #14 - Cave Spider Roller Coaster

Video games[edit]

Year Video game Notes
2007 Animator vs. Animation Game


  • ^ AVM means Animation vs. Minecraft.
  • ^ AVA means Animator vs. Animation.


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