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Alan Cantwell Jr. (born 1934, New York, New York) is a retired dermatologist. Between the late 1960s and mid-1980s, Cantwell was author or co-author of around 30 case reports describing bacteria found in cases of scleroderma, panniculitis, and dermatological malignancies.

More recently, he has written conspiracy theory articles on the origin of HIV, suggesting it may have been a released biological warfare virus and/or deliberately put into a hepatitis B vaccine used in a trial targeted at American homosexuals. His books are self-published by Aries Rising, an imprint Cantwell established in 1984 to disseminate his ideas. He has also been published in New Dawn Magazine, an Australian magazine dedicated to "presenting news and information ignored or deliberately suppressed by the mainstream media", Organica, Paranoia, Steamshovel Press, and the New African.


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  • AIDS: and the Doctors of Death, Aries Rising, 1988, ISBN 0-917211-25-1
  • The Cancer Microbe: The Hidden Killer in Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immune Diseases, Aries Rising, 1990, ISBN 0-917211-01-4
  • Queer Blood, Aries Rising, 1993, ISBN 0-917211-26-X
  • Bacteria: The Ultimate Cause of Cancer?, New Dawn, 2003
  • Four Women Against Cancer, Aries Rising Press, 2005, ISBN 0-917211-33-2
  • Dr. Wilhelm Reich: Scientific Genius – or Medical Madman?, New Dawn
  • Reverend Jeremiah Wright was right about man-made AIDS (in) Paranoia: the conspiracy & paranormal reader, Issue 48, Fall 2008, pp34–39.

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