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Alan Craig
Alan craig cropped.jpg
Councillor for the London Borough of Newham
In office
2 May 2002 – 6 May 2010
Leader of The Christian Peoples Alliance
Assumed office
Preceded by Michael Elmer
Personal details
Nationality British
Political party Christian Peoples Alliance (2004-13) UK Independence Party (2014-)
Spouse(s) Sally
Religion Christian

Alexander Alan Craig is a British political campaigner who was leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance from 2004 to 2013. He stood as a candidate for Mayor of London in 2008 and was a councillor in the London Borough of Newham for eight years.

Craig was Director of the Mayflower Centre in Canning Town between 1995 and 2004.

Political career[edit]

Craig first stood for Newham Council in 1998 as a Christian Democrat candidate in Ordnance ward and in 2001 he stood in a by-election for Beckton ward.[1]

He was elected to Newham Council for Canning Town South in the 2002 local elections becoming the only opposition councillor.[2] In the 2006 elections he was re-elected with an increased majority as part of a group of three Christian Peoples Alliance councillors. However he lost his council seat in 2010.[3]

He stood in the elections for directly elected mayor of Newham in 2002, 2006[4] and 2010, coming fourth each time.

He became leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance in 2004 and led the party in the 2005 general election.[5][6]

Craig opposed the building of the London Markaz Mosque; he said that while he supports the right to worship, he had fears over the impact upon the community and on security.[7][8] He also opposed the opening of one of the regional casinos in Newham,[9] campaigned to end the DESO-funded arms fair[10] and played a leading role in the campaign to save the Queens Road Market.[11]

In 2011 he was criticised[12] for referring to the "Gaystapo" of "gay-rights storm troopers".[13] In 2013 Craig became the spokesperson for a new group called 'Gay Marriage No Thanks'.[14]

Craig is on the Council of the Movement for Christian Democracy, the Canning Town Partnership Board and the Council for Racial Equality in Newham.[15]

On 7 October 2014, it was announced that Craig had applied to join UKIP.[16] In the 2015 general election he was the UKIP candidate for Brent North[17] but lost his deposit.[18]

Candidate for London Mayor[edit]

In 2008 Craig stood for London Mayor as a "Christian Choice" candidate, representing the Christian Peoples Alliance and the Christian Party. He received 39,249 first choice votes (1.62%) and 80,140 second choice votes (4.00%),[19] finishing sixth in the first round of voting, and being eliminated for the second.[20]


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