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Alan Di Fiore (sometimes Alan DiFiore) is an award-winning screenwriter.

Early life[edit]

DiFiore co-founded Pagliacci's Restaurant, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, with his friend, Howard Siegel. His mother was the creator of most of Pagliacci's Restaurant's outstanding menu items.


DiFiore recently won his third Gemini Award for his work on the Da Vinci's Inquest television show. DiFiore also wrote and served as producer on the CBS series The Handler. His numerous writing credits include the CTV movie The Life and Milgaard, which won eight Geminis; the mini-series Vendetta; an HBO movie and episodes of Mom P.I. and Neon Rider.

The Bridge was inspired by former Toronto police union head, Craig Bromell. It's a procedural drama about a union leader fighting criminals on the street, his bosses, and corruption on the force. Executive Producers include Laszlo Barna, Bromell, Robert Wertheimer, Alan Di Fiore, and Adam J. Shully.


2016: Money Monster - Writer


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