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Alan Faena

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Alan Faena
Alan Faena 3.jpg
Born Alan Diego Faena[1]
(1963-11-20) November 20, 1963 (age 53)[1]
Buenos Aires
Residence Punta del Este, Uruguay
Nationality Argentina
Occupation Real estate development, hotels, fine art
Spouse(s) Ximena Caminos
Children One son

Alan Faena (Buenos Aires, November 20, 1963)[1] is an Argentine hotelier and real estate developer.[2][3][4][5] He has developed properties in Miami Beach, Florida and Buenos Aires, Argentina.[6][7] Faena is the founder and President of the Faena Group.[8] He is a member of the Tate International Committee and the New Museum Leaders Council.[9] He previously founded Via Vai in 1985, a fashion label, and worked as a fashion designer.[6]

Early life

Faena is the son of a second generation Syrian Jewish[citation needed] textile manufacturer.[5][10][11] He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1963.[6]


Early career

In 1985, Faena followed in his parents footsteps into the textile industry and founded the fashion label Via Vai at age 19.[5][6][7] He launched the brand with 50 colored shirts he funded himself.[5] The brand expanded to include ready-to-wear collections and a denim line.[5] Faena sold the company in 1996.[5]

Faena Buenos Aires

He was a fashion designer for over ten years before beginning a career in real estate development in 2000.[6][8] He partnered with Len Blavatnik, Philippe Starck and Foster + Partners to redevelop abandoned docklands in the Puerto Madero neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.[8][10] Foster + Partner's residential condominium in re-development was their first project in South America.[5] The Faena Hotel designed by Starck opened in 2004.[7]

The Faena District, which is estimated to be a $200 million development, is the most valuable real estate in Buenos Aires.[6][7] The Faena Arts Center, a converted flour mill located in the center of the district, opened in September 2011 and displays the work of local and international artists.[6][7][12] In November 2011, German artist Franz Ackermann exhibited the results of his voyages around Buenos Aires with the largest mural of his career in the center.[13] The Cuban duo Los Carpinteros debuted their first solo exhibition in Buenos Aires at the arts center in May 2012.[13]

Faena Miami Beach

He expanded his brand to Miami Beach with a $1 billion[14] project to develop a six block waterfront property.[6][15][16] Construction on the Miami Beach Faena District began in 2013.[17] The project includes the restoration of the 1948 Saxony hotel, and an arts center, Faena Forum, by architect Rem Koolhaas and OMA and residences by Foster + Partners.[2][6][18][19] Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin are also involved in the project as designers for the interior of the Faena Hotel Miami Beach.[20][21] The district will be landscaped by Miami-based firm Raymond Jungles.[22] The Faena House, a 18-story residential unit, is the project's first building scheduled for completion.[7][14]

Personal life

Faena's wife is Ximena Caminos,[18][23] and they have one son named Noa.[4] He resides in Miami, Buenos Aires, and Punta del Este, Uruguay.[5]


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