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Alan D. Fiers, Jr, born 1939,[1] was President Ronald Reagan's Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency's Central American Task Force from October 1984 until his retirement in 1988.

His CIA alias was "Cliff." He pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from the Congress about Oliver North's activities and the diversion of Iran arms sale money to aid the Nicaraguan Contras as part of the Iran–Contra affair.

During his tenure with the Nicaraguan rebels, Fiers was known for wholeheartedly supporting Adolfo Calero and Enrique Bermúdez against so-called reformers like Arturo Cruz and Alfonso Robelo. He clashed with the State Department's Elliott Abrams, who supported Cruz and Robelo.

Iran–Contra affair[edit]

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On July 9, 1991, Fiers pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from the Congress regarding secret efforts to aid the Nicaraguan Contra rebels.[2] He was sentenced to one year probation and 100 hours community service by U.S. District Chief Judge Aubrey E. Robinson, Jr. on January 31, 1992.[citation needed] On December 24, 1992, Fiers was pardoned by President George H.W. Bush.[citation needed]


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