Alan G. Hassenfeld

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Alan G. Hassenfeld
Alan Hassenfeld, 2010.jpg
at the Global Russia Business Meeting 2010
Born (1948-11-16) November 16, 1948 (age 69)

Alan G. Hassenfeld is a former chairman and chief executive officer of Hasbro Toys, a post he held between 1989 and 2008. He is the brother of Stephen D. Hassenfeld, who preceded him in the post. Hasbro was founded as a Hassenfeld family business in 1923. As chairman and chief executive, he has diversified Hasbro’s portfolio of companies and expanded international operations while initiating a singular brand of corporate activism designed to improve the lives of children. He was inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame in 1996.[1]


Hassenfeld donated the Teddy Fountain to the city of Jerusalem.[2]

A $12.5-million gift from the family of Alan Hassenfeld, to be matched by new fundraising by Brown University, will create the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute. 3


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