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For the biological anthropologist, see Alan H. Goodman.

Alan Goodman has played a key role in creating and launching many media brands since 1981, first in cable television and now for the internet and other platforms.[1]

He began his career as part of the team that built MTV,[2] and with his partner at the time, Fred Seibert, Goodman developed and popularized the world-famous MTV logo.[3] He also produced the channel’s animated IDs and often the music that played behind them, forming the look and sound of the network.[4] Later, the team re-launched Nickelodeon and turned it into the home base for kids, laying the foundation that has made it the #1 Network For Kids for more than eleven straight years.[5] They also served as the company’s advertising agency for nine years, and during that time, launched VH-1 and created and launched Nick-at-Nite.

Goodman’s relationship with MTV Networks, the parent company of both MTV and Nickelodeon, continues to this day.[6] In just the past two years he consulted with the Nicktoons Network; Neopets (a recently acquired internet community site); Noggin (the commercial-free service of Nickelodeon); Spike TV (MTV’s network for men); and the company’s movie division. He was at the core of a development team that created four new broadband networks for the company; and consulted on two brands for demos beyond MTV’s traditional targets. He continues to work closely with the company’s top executives on assignments affecting overall image, on-air promotion, feature films, daypart programming, and consumer product development. Increasingly he is devoting his time to the area where content creation, promotion, and distribution blur – taking the brands into the world of social networking.

Outside of MTV, Goodman has worked with a major cable MSO to launch a new pay-per-view and broadband network; advised independent production companies; and works with an internet start-up company.

Earlier, Goodman consulted, created marketing campaigns, or developed identity programs for such companies as Virgin, The Movie Channel, Showtime, A&E, TBS, Fox, VH1, HBO, Headline News, Comedy Central, UPN, and others.

Goodman is also an independent producer, and consults with BBC America.


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