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Alan David Goodrick (born April 1962 in Manchester),[1][2] better known under the pseudonym Gimpo, is an English film director and former roadie, best known as an associate and collaborator of The KLF and the K Foundation.

Goodwick organises an annual 25-hour drive around the M25 called the M25 spin, repeated every year on the weekend closest to 23 March (with many KLF fans from around the world joining in). The first time this took place was in 1997 when he was accompanied by Bill Drummond and artist Dave Green, and has produced a film of this event. The M25 spin can be seen as exploring similar motifs to those in Iain Sinclair's London Orbital book.[3]

Goodrick filmed and owned the master tapes of the Watch the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid film,[4] before they were reacquired by the K Foundation. He drove Bill Drummond and Mark Manning to the top of the world (as recounted in Bad Wisdom),.[5]

He was the ski-masked person fumbling with lighter fluid and matches when Rachel Whiteread came to claim the K Foundation art award.

He is currently an underground/alternative arts film maker and is frequently involved with both Drummond and Jimmy Cauty's current projects. Although he has claimed that he has given up the role, he is often described as a roadie.[6]


Goodrick reportedly served with the British Army in the Falklands War. He later met up with Zodiac and started to work part-time his band The Love Reaction. After a period as a roadie for various Food Records bands (e.g. Jesus Jones) he set up Pit Bull management and began to manage the Love Reaction.


K Foundation: Burn A Million Quid, with Chris Brook (Ellipsis, 1997)


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