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This article is about the South African poet. For the American film director and screenwriter, see Alan James.

Alan James is a South African poet, now living in Australia. A former lawyer and law lecturer, and the founder of the poetry journal Upstream, he has published seven collections of poetry. In 1995, James received the Olive Schreiner Prize for Morning near Genandendal.[1]


  • The Dictator (1972)
  • From Bitterfontein (1974)
  • At a Rail Halt (1981)
  • Producing the Landscape (1987)
  • Morning Near Genadendal (1992)
  • Ferry to Robben Island (1996)
  • The First Bushman's Path: Stories, Songs and Testimonies of the /Xam of the northern Cape: versions with commentary (2001)


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