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Alan Laney (born 20 April 1951) is an American singer-songwriter and musician.


Alan Laney is a native of east Tennessee, where as a teenager, he sang and played in local "Country" and "Bluegrass" bands before attending college. He is a U.S. Army veteran 1971-74, and has worked as a herdsman and ranch manager in the cattle business, and served as captain over Crime Prevention in the Williamson County sheriff’s office. He has been involved in performing bands and recording projects throughout his adult life.


He released the solo CD Livin' On The Edge in 2003 on Trace Records label, and re-released in 2005 on the Music Mill Entertainment label. "The Simple Things" was released in 2008 following a collaborative CD project LOST ART with fellow songwriters Michael Huffman, Bill Graham, Ronnie Guilbeau, Rick Yancy and Kelly Carr on Trace records in 2007. "2 AM" a duo project with Mike Abernathy was released in 2010 on Big Mama/Trace label, followed by an independent project with the band Blue Hollow in late 2011. He also released a two song 45rpm vinyl record in 1984 with Dr.David Greene for Georgia Moon Music.

Songs covered by other artists[edit]

His songs have been recorded by both country and bluegrass artists including Charlie Louvin (Precious Time), Joe Diffie (There Goes The Neighborhood), Kix Brooks (Theres A Telephone Ringing In An Empty House), Shania Twain (There Goes The Neighborhood), Larry Sparks (Georgia Peaches), Andy Griggs (Georgia Peaches), Brad Martin (That's A Woman), Rosie Flores(Somebody Loses Somebody Wins), Chad Austin (That's A Woman), Rock Killough and The McKnight Brothers (The Ballad Of Clayton Moore), David Wood (The Simple Things, Old Enough To Be Somebodies Hero, Time Will Take Care Of You, Stumblin' And Fallin', Following A Full Moon, I'd Die For You, I Bet On You, Somebody Loses Somebody Wins), Kelly Spinks (This Time, Proper Introduction To The Blues, Too Many Hearts, California Wine, There Goes The Neighborhood, Thank God For Cowboys), Donnie MCormick (Livin' ON The Edge), Mark Allen Jones (The Borderland), Joe Chambers (Alpine Alabama), The Seldom Scene, (When The Walls Come Tumbling Down), Lou Reid and Carolina (Emmaline), Tim Graves and Cherokee (When The Walls Come Tumbling Down), James Monroe (Georgia Peaches), The Special Consensus (When The Walls Come Tumbling Down -Two Sides To Every Story), Southern Reign (Theres A telephone Ringing In An Empty House) and others. He has also written songs for and given performances in three made for TV movies: A Scandal In A Small Town, in which he appeared as himself, Living A Lie and The Danger of Love.

In 2005 his song "Georgia Peaches" co-written with Grammy winner Carl Jackson was nominated for the IBMA song of the year from the album of the year "40" performed by Larry Sparks and Andy Griggs.

Producers and publishers[edit]

Alan has recorded his projects with many well known musicians and producers including Don Gant, Garth Fundis, Bernie Leadon, Sonny Limbo and Carl Jackson, as well as having catalogs with publishers Horipro Ent., High Seas Music, Bad Bowser music, Georgia Moon Music, Kristen Marie music, Tri-Moon Music, Big River Music, Soloal Songs, Bill Lowrey Music Group, Paul Cochran "The Old Man" and Acuff Rose/Sony music throughout his career.

Bands and band members[edit]

  • Late 60 s- Johnny Davis, Clyde Blaylock, John Greven, Bob Davis and Bobby Davis, George and Jeri McDonald.
  • 76,77 – Rose Hill Band – Danny Smith, Jimmy Gunn, Ricky Whorton, Randy Harrold and Steve Dempsey.
  • 78 – Rose Hill Band II – Danny Smith, Ricky Whorton, Carlton Higgenbothim. Gary Granthum. Tim Moncus and Bob Newby.
  • 78,79 – Alan Laney and The Other Band – Ricky Whitley, Harold Baggett, Phil Davis, George Stallings, Mitch Barron.
  • 79-81 – Cowboy and the Bandit - Larry Bowie, w/ Buddy Carvalho and w/ Brenda Craig.
  • 82,83 – The Trio, Conga Jerry Joseph and Paul Priest.
  • 84,85 – Dr.David Greene, Lisa Deaton, Mike Abernathy and Monty Black.
  • 86 – Bill Graham, Al Perkins.
  • 88 – Alan Laney and Friends - Bill Graham, Dave Gillon, Jimmy Gunn, and Sam Hogin.
  • 91,92 – Alan Laney band - Bill Graham, Bernie Leadon, Craig Langford and Ron Frost.
  • 94-97 – Bill Graham, Rick Yancy.
  • 2000 – Michael Huffman, Scott Hunt, David Greene, Kelly Carr.
  • 2004-05 – Alan Laney and The Edge – Randy Kohrs, Lona Heins, Kevin McClung, Bee Spears, Ron Rigsby, Aaron Teel, Brian Blaylock.
  • 2005-06 – Alan Laney and Ron Rigsby band – Ron Rigsby, Fred Duggin, Johnny Bellar John Toney, Andy Hall.
  • 2006-07 – Lost Art band – Michael Huffman, Bill Graham, Ronnie Guilbeau, Rick Yancy and Kelly Carr
  • 2006 - Special Concert for foreign dignitaries, Leipers Fork,Tn. – Al Perkins, Jess Perkins, Bernie Leadon, Ron Rigsby.
  • 2006 - Benefit Concert for The Liver Foundation w/ Willie Nelson, St.Louis -. Lona Heins, Doug Forshey, Al Perkins, Bee Spears, Mickey Raphael, Billy English.
  • 2008 – Chattahoochee – Ron Rigsby, Rusty Gragg, and Chris Williamson.
  • 2011 – Blue Hollow Bluegrass band – Fred Duggin, Jerry Stump and Sam Vance.


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