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Alan Longmuir (born 20 June 1948, Edinburgh, Scotland) was the Scottish bass guitarist for the 1970s pop group, the Bay City Rollers. His younger brother Derek Longmuir was a founding member and drummer for the group.


Longmuir was born at Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion Hospital, Edinburgh, and is the elder brother of the group's drummer, Derek Longmuir. In 1976, at the height of the band's popularity, Alan Longmuir was replaced by rhythm guitarist Ian Mitchell, a man ten years his junior, who would in turn make way for Pat McGlynn. Tam Paton, then the group's manager, alleged that Longmuir had tried to commit suicide.

Longmuir returned to the group in 1978 following McGlynn's departure, and thereafter switched between bass guitar, rhythm guitar and keyboards. He also plays piano accordion.[1]

Longmuir played the lead in the 1981 film Burning Rubber, an auto-racing melodrama filmed in South Africa.[citation needed]

He suffered a heart attack in 1995 and a stroke in 1997. He lives in Scotland with his wife Eileen.[citation needed]