Alan Moore (drummer)

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Alan Moore
Born 1 January 1950
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Instruments Drums
Associated acts Judas Priest

Alan "Skip" Moore (born 1 January 1950, Birmingham, Warwickshire) is a British musician, who is best known as the third official drummer of the heavy metal band Judas Priest,[1] who played on their second album, Sad Wings of Destiny (1976).

Moore was already active in the Birmingham rock, blues, folk and country scene, and played with numerous bands, including The Young Casuals, The Other Lot, The Outer Light, Gabriel Oak, Glad Stallion, Tendency Jones and Pendulum. He was first approached by guitarist K. K. Downing and bassist Ian Hill in 1971, and joined in the early and unofficial phase of the newborn Judas Priest for a period of about a year (during this time Al Atkins was still the vocalist). He left in 1972 to join the Birmingham country rock band, Sundance, with whom he recorded the album Rain, Steam, Speed (1974),[2] and their single, "Coming Down".

In 1975, drummer John Hinch left Judas Priest, and Downing and Hill re-approached Moore. For the second time, Moore joined the band, making him the only drummer in the history of Judas Priest to have two separate stints. His first show after re-joining was in 1975.10.11 - Slough College, London, UK, during which guitarist/backing vocalist Glenn Tipton introduced "our new drummer Skip" who "only had a few hours of rehearsal". In 1976, they recorded the album Sad Wings of Destiny. Despite the success of the album, Moore decided to leave again, only this time permanently.

Moore continued to play with numerous other bands and recording sessions. In 1981 he signed to Ariola Records with the band R.P.M.,[3] releasing two singles; Now That Summer's Here and Lost In Space.[4] After moving out of London he continued to play with various 'scratch bands' and session musicians. He now lives with his wife and two sons on The Isle of Wight, playing blues and rock with Frank Aiello - previously front man with Cozy Powell. Several musical biographers, journalists, band members, and fans have tried to trace Moore without success. In the official biography The Story Of Judas Priest: Defenders Of The Faith, author Neil Daniels said that Moore was the only former member of the band he could not trace at all.


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