Alan Morse

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Alan Morse
Alan Morse onstage with Spocks Beard at BB Kings in NYC, April 27, 2007.
Background information
Genres Progressive rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Associated acts Spock's Beard, Chad & Jeremy, Spencer Davis

Alan Morse is a guitarist and sole remaining founding member of the progressive rock band Spock's Beard. He is the brother of co-founder Neal Morse, who left the band in 2002. Morse is married to Kathryn Morse and has two children, Julia and John. He has recorded with many artists including Chad & Jeremy, Spencer Davis, Neal Morse, and (Spock's Beard keyboardist) Ryo Okumoto. Along with the guitar, he sings and plays the theremin, the cello, musical saw, keyboards, drums, bass & bouzouki. Morse has a degree in electrical engineering and owns an electronics manufacturing company, DynaMetric, Inc. Unusual for a rock guitar player, Morse does not use a pick. Alan completed his first solo album, Four O'Clock & Hysteria, which released in 2007.[1]


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  1. "Cold Fusion"
  2. "Return To Whatever"
  3. "Drive in Shuffle"
  4. "R Bluz"
  5. "First Funk"
  6. "Dschungel Cruz"
  7. "The Rite of Left"
  8. "Chroma"
  9. "Spanish Steppes"
  10. "Track 3"
  11. "Major Buzz"
  12. "Home"


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