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Alan Albert Murray (born 17 June 1940)[1] is an Australian professional golfer.

Murray was born in Sydney. He played golf worldwide, winning 76 tournaments including the 1962 French Open, the 1961 Australian PGA Championship and the 1967 Australian Wills Masters.[1] He was the 1961 Australian PGA Order of Merit winner. In his only start in a major championship, he finished tied for 19th in the 1964 Open Championship.

Murray represented Australia in the 1967 World Cup at Mexico City.[1]

Murray is a Life Member of the PGA of Australia[2] since 2005 and a co-founder, former president and Life Member of the Singapore PGA.[1]

Murray is now the principal director of Champions Golf Academy, and has been coaching players of all standards in South East Asia for the past 36 years.[2]

Murray is on the List of Old Falconians, who are the alumni of North Sydney Boys High School.

Tournament wins (76)[edit]

Australian wins (21)[edit]

European wins (2)[edit]

Asian wins (8)[edit]

Other wins (43)[edit]

  • 1973 19th D.S.R.A International Tournament
  • 1971 Wills Pro-Am
  • 1969 Cromer Open, Mona Vale Pro Am, Strathfield Open, Rotarua Open, Queenstown Open, Mudgee Open
  • 1967 Chatswood Open
  • 1965 Devonport Purse, Eastlakes Cup, Long Reef Pro Am, Mt Lofty Pro Am, Northern Rivers Pro-am, Rockhampton Open, Singapore Open Pro-Am, Carnarvon Purse
  • 1964 Oatlands Cup, Singapore Open Pro-Am, Richmond Purse, Roseville Purse, McKay Open
  • 1963 Liquor Trades Tournament, Kilara Cup, Ashlar Cup
  • 1962 Belmont Purse, Roseville Purse, Manley Purse, St Michaels Purse
  • 1961 NSW Jubilee Open, Pymble Cup, Killara Cup, Stockton Pro am, Kempsey Pro am, Asquith Cup, Yarrawonga Open, Dimboola pro am, Oatlands Purse, Richmond Purse
  • 1960 Strathfield Purse, Albury Open, Lismore Open
  • 1959 Victoria Park Purse
  • 1958 Roseville Gold Mashie Cup, PGA Golf Assistants State Championships

Team appearances[edit]

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