Alan Niven

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Alan Niven
Born Alan Niven
Wellington, New Zealand[1]
Occupation Band manager for Guns N' Roses and Great White
Spouse(s) Heather Vincent Niven

Alan Niven is a New Zealand-born band manager best known for his tenure as manager of Guns N' Roses and Great White.[2]


Niven became the first manager of Guns N' Roses, serving from 1986 to 1991.[3] He was fired from his post just prior to the release of Use Your Illusion.[4] According to a 1991 cover story by Rolling Stone magazine, frontman Axl Rose forced the dismissal of Niven (against the wishes of some of his band-mates) by refusing to complete the albums until he was replaced.[5]

Niven has also been a manager of Buck & Evans, Great White, and associated with Virgin Records, Enigma Records, Mötley Crüe, Berlin, Dokken,[6] Clarence Clemons, The Angels [from Angel City], Havana Black, The Michael Thompson Band [MTB], Izzy Stradlin and The JuJu Hounds, Razer and Storm of Perception.


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