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Monsignor Alan Placa is a priest in good standing[1][2] employed by Giuliani Partners, a management consulting and security consulting business founded by high school friend Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor.[3]

Placa was temporarily placed on an administrative leave of absence by the Catholic church following an accusation of misconduct. Subsequently, a grand jury published a report accusing him of misconduct in sexually molesting numerous children and for covering up molestation by other priests.[4][5] No charges were subsequently filed. He was subsequently cleared of all charges by a U.S. Church tribunal and that action was upheld by the Vatican.

Giuliani and Placa reportedly have been close friends since childhood. Placa was best man at Giuliani's wedding to second-cousin Regina Peruggi and then assisted Giuliani in getting that marriage annulled over the objections of his wife so that he could marry girlfriend Donna Hannover.[6]


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