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Monsignor Alan Placa is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre [1][2] employed by Giuliani Partners, a management consulting and security consulting business founded by high school friend Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor.[3]

Placa was placed on an administrative leave of absence by the Catholic church following an accusation of misconduct. Subsequently, a grand jury published a report accusing him of misconduct in sexually molesting a teenager and for covering up molestation by other priests.[4][5] No criminal charges were subsequently filed. He was subsequently cleared by a church tribunal and that action was upheld by the Vatican. The Tribunal was to last 6 weeks according to Father David Berberian. It lasted over 2 years with the church delaying, rescheduling, and moving the tribunal dates repeatedly. The decision date by the church was completed after Alan Placa's 65th birthday, enabling him to be "exonerated" and immediately retire, by permission of Bishop Murphy of the Rockville Centre Diocese. Accuser/complainant Richard Tollner has never changed his testimony.

Placa was chosen by the church to handle sex abuse cases of children, and had admitted to consulting over 300 cases.[6] This activity was allowed after sex abuse allegations by Placa, had been given to Bishop's office in the Diocese of Rockville Centre as well as another office had received abuse reports about Alan Placa[7].

Giuliani and Placa reportedly have been close friends since childhood. Placa was best man at Giuliani's wedding to Regina Peruggi and then assisted Giuliani in getting that marriage annulled so that he could marry Donna Hannover.[8]


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