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Alan Smith (born 1966) is a presenter[1] and newsreader on BBC Radio 4, who also appears on sister station Radio 4 Extra. Born in the Simpson Memorial Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland,[2] he moved with his family to Cumbria at an early age.

He joined Radio 4 in 2002 after presenting on regional radio & TV. In addition to his BBC work, he hosts an in-flight entertainment programme for British Airways together with corporate presentations. His voice is distinctive, being warm and friendly and always gives the impression he is interested in what he is saying[opinion]. In 2006/7 he had the unusual experience for a formal radio announcer, of having his vocals used as a rap on a dance track after UK electronica act The Young Punx sampled him reading the Shipping Forecast for their track "Rockall".[3] Alan Smith has previously read the news for Radio 2.


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