Alan Splet

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Alan Splet
Alan Splet.jpg
Born December 31, 1939
Died December 2, 1994(1994-12-02) (aged 54)
Berkeley, California
Nationality United States
Occupation Sound designer and editor

Alan Splet (December 31, 1939 - December 2, 1994) was a sound designer and sound editor. In 1979, he won an Oscar for his work on the film The Black Stallion. He did not attend the Academy Award ceremony, and became the butt of a series of jokes by Johnny Carson. He was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound for Never Cry Wolf.[1]

He had a long-lasting and fruitful working relationship with the director David Lynch, with whom he worked on many films, including Eraserhead, Dune, and Blue Velvet.


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