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Alan Tonelson (born 1953) is an American economist who is a Research Fellow at the U.S. Business and Industry Council Educational Foundation. He has written extensively on the trade deficit between the United States and other countries. He has also written on free trade, globalization and industrial decline. He argues that U.S. economic policy should aim for "preeminence" over other countries, just as, he believes, other countries' economic policies seek their own national interests. He is critical of various forms of "globalism" and internationalism.[1]

He received his college education at Princeton University. In 2002 he became a fellow at the Henry L. Stimson Center.

He has also worked as an Associate Editor of Foreign Policy and Fellow at the Economic Strategy Institute. He has appeared also on radio and television broadcasts, such as the PBS NewsHour and Nightly Business Report.[2]



  • The Race to the Bottom: Why a Worldwide Worker Surplus and Uncontrolled Free Trade are Sinking American Living Standards, Basic Books, 2002.

as co-author:

  • with Clyde V. Prestowitz and Ronald A. Morse, Powernomics, Madison Books, 1991.



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