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Alan Watt
Born Aberdeen, Scotland
Occupation Author, screenwriter, comedian, actor
Nationality Canadian
Notable works Diamond Dogs

Alan Watt (born 1965) is a Canadian author, comedian, actor, lecturer, and screenwriter.[1][2]


He has appeared on various comedy shows such as Caroline's Comedy Hour and MTV's 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour, as well the Seinfeld episode The Gum in 1995.

He has taught a summer creative writing workshop at UCLA and has lectured across North America at places such as USC's MBA program and maximum security prisons. In 2002 he founded the L.A. Writers' Lab, where he teaches writers how to write the first draft of their novel in three months.

In 2011 he founded two publishing companies, The 90-Day Novel Press and Writers Tribe Books. His novel Diamond Dogs was optioned by Quad Films in 2012, with Alex Pettyfer set to perform as the lead character.[3]



  • Diamond Dogs (2000)[4][5][6][7] (winner of France's Prix Printemps for best foreign novel)


  • The 90-Day Novel (2010) (Writers Tribe Books)
  • The 90-Day Rewrite (2012) (Writers Tribe Books)
  • The 90-Day Screenplay (2013) (Writers Tribe Books)
  • My First Novel: Tales of Woe and Glory (2013) (editor, Writers Tribe Books)



Awards and recognition[edit]

  • 2001 YALSA Alex Award for Diamond Dogs[9]
  • France's Prix Printemps (best foreign novel) for Diamond Dogs[citation needed]


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