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A. W. Jones (Alan Wayne Jones) is a researcher and scholarly writer on the subject of forensic toxicology and human physiology relating to alcohol consumption. He holds three university degrees: BSc, PhD and DSc (senior doctorate degree). Jones was born in Pontypridd, Wales, UK, but has lived and worked in Sweden for the past 45 years.

Current positions[edit]

Professor Jones recently retired from his position as senior scientist at the Division of Forensic Genetics and Forensic Chemistry at the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine, which is located in the town of Linköping, Sweden. Jones also serves as guest professor in Forensic Toxicology at the University of Health Sciences (Department of Clinical Pharmacology) of the University of Linköping.[1]


Jones received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wales (Cardiff) in 1974, and has been active in biological alcohol research as well as in forensic toxicology since that time. In 1993, he was awarded a senior doctorate degree (DSc) by the University of Wales for his body of published work dealing with forensic aspects of alcohol and other drugs of abuse.[1] Professor Jones has testified as an expert witness in criminal cases involving alcohol and other drugs of abuse in Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, USA, UK, and hundreds of times in Sweden.

Jones has lectured widely on forensic aspects of alcohol and other drugs at home and abroad. He has acted as a peer-reviewer of scientific articles and he serves on the editorial boards of several international journals focusing on biomedical alcohol research, forensic science, toxicology and legal medicine.[clarification needed] He has published over 400 scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters, most of which have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.[1]

Dr. A W Jones


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