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Districts of Saint Helena
The view from James Bay: Alarm Forest and Briars Village can be seen in the background, inland from Jamestown

Alarm Forest is one of the smaller of the eight districts of Saint Helena, in the northern part of the island of Saint Helena, southeast of Jamestown. In 2008 it had a population of 276, compared to a population of 289 in 1998.[1]

The district was created between census years 1987 and 1998 from parts of Jamestown and Longwood. There is no settlement by that name, however. The main settlement is Briars Village, with the community centre of the district.[2] The village is located at the high point of the Side Path, a steep road leading out southward on the eastern slopes of Jamestown valley. Briars Village, but not the rest of the district, is considered a suburb of Jamestown. The village has few amenities of its own, and the population looks to nearby Jamestown for shopping and entertainment. The village is also home to the island's headquarters of Cable and Wireless, with its large satellite dishes, which connect Saint Helena to the outside world. The upper part of the village, The Briars, is a newer settlement of relatively wealthy citizens.

Also Seaview, Two-gun Saddle and Hunts Vale are part of Alarm Forest.[3] Another area of settlement is Alarm Hill, where the historic Alarm House is. Napoleon's former tomb is located in Sane Valley in the district. Napoleon had selected this spot as his burial site during one of his walks. He was later reburied in Les Invalides in Paris.

Coordinates: 15°56′52″S 5°42′14″W / 15.94778°S 5.70389°W / -15.94778; -5.70389


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