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Alasay is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°53′45″N 69°43′15″E / 34.89583°N 69.72083°E / 34.89583; 69.72083Coordinates: 34°53′45″N 69°43′15″E / 34.89583°N 69.72083°E / 34.89583; 69.72083
Country  Afghanistan
Province Kapisa Province
District Alasay District
Time zone + 4.30

The village of Alasay (Alah Say) is the center of Alasay District in Kapisa Province, Afghanistan. It is located on 34°53′45″N 69°43′15″E / 34.8958°N 69.7208°E / 34.8958; 69.7208 at 1672 m altitude.

The Battle of Alasay, codenamed Operation Dinner Out, was a military operation in Alasay which was carried out by French troops and the Afghan National Army (ANA) between the 14th and 23rd of March 2009. It left one French soldier killed, as well as 35 to 70 Taliban insurgents.