Alash Orda

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Alash Orda
Алаш Орда
Alaş Orda
13 December 1917–26 August 1920


Capital Semey
Languages Kazakh
Government Republic
 •  Established 13 December 1917
 •  Disestablished 26 August 1920

Alash Orda (Kazakh: Алаш Орда, Alaş Orda, "Kazakh Horde") was the name of the provisional Kazakh government between 13 December 1917 and 26 August 1920.

The Alash Party proclaimed the autonomy of the Kazakh people in December 1917. The provisional government consisted of 25 members (10 positions reserved for non-Kazakhs) and 15 member candidates. They formed a special educational commission and established militia regiments as their armed forces. They issued a number of legislative resolutions. The first one of 11–24 June 1918 is the following: "Agreed to invalidate all decrees issued by the Soviet authorities on the territory of the autonomous Alash. Chairman of Alash-Orda: Bokeikhanov, Members: Tynyshpaev, Gabbasov."

On 26 August 1920, the Soviet government established the Kyrgyz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which in 1925 changed its name to the Kazakh Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and then to the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic in 1936.

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