Alaska Department of Fish and Game

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Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Agency overview
Formed 1959
Preceding agencies
  • Alaska Territorial Department of Fish and Game
  • Fish and Game Commission
  • Fisheries Experimental Commission
Headquarters 1255 W 8th St, Juneau, Alaska
Agency executive
  • Cora Campbell, Commissioner

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is a department within the government of Alaska. The Department of Fish and Game manages Alaska's fish, game, and aquatic plant resources.


The department was created in 1959 to complete the tasks previously assigned to the Alaska Territorial Department of Fish and Game, the Fish and Game Commission, and Fisheries Experimental Commission.[1] It used to operate a research station on Canyon Island.[2]

Board of Game[edit]

Hunting regulations enforced by ADF&G are established by the Alaska Board of Game, a seven-member panel appointed by the governor.[3] The board has often been embroiled in controversy because of its support for what is called "intensive management" of wolves, usually involving the killing of wolves for purposes of controlling their population rather than normal hunting practices. [4]

Game Management Units[edit]

Alaska Game Management Units are geographical subdivisions created to allow both residents and visitors to Alaska fair and equal hunting rights in all regions of the state.

The ADF&G established 26 Game Management Units to effectively manage and control hunting in Alaska. Legal regulations govern each unit. Regulations are therefore made at the unit level rather than governing the entire state, with its vast and highly variable ecosystems. These describe, for example, when hunting is allowed and how many animals may be killed each season. Due to the vast areas involved many of the units are further divided into subunits, for example area 13 is divided to into subunits 13A-13E.


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