Alaska Rural Communications Service

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Alaska Rural Communications Service
Statewide Alaska,
outside Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau
United States
ChannelsAnalog: various, see below
AffiliationsABC (via KYUR)
CBS (via KTVA)
Fox (via KTBY)
MyNetworkTV (via KYES-TV)
NBC (via KTUU)
OwnerState of Alaska
(transmitter owner)
OperatorAlaska Public Broadcasting

The Alaska Rural Communications Service (ARCS) is a statewide network of low-powered television stations, serving 235 communities throughout the Alaskan Bush areas. The network is based in Anchorage, Alaska and is operated by Alaska Public Broadcasting, a joint venture of Alaska Public Media and Alaska's public broadcasters. Programming is beamed via satellite to the rural transmitters owned by the Alaska state government.

Programming on ARCS is a selection of shows from five commercial broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, MyNetworkTV) and syndication, via the Anchorage stations; plus PBS programming from KAKM and other PBS members in the state; occasionally, ARCS produces some of its own programming (including local sports coverage). Anchorage stations provide their programming to ARCS free of charge with the condition that advertising is allowed to remain. There is currently no CW programming available on ARCS.

Even though much of ARCS' programming contains commercials, the operation of ARCS is partially funded by donations from its viewers, just like member stations of PBS, as well as those of the Christian-based Trinity Broadcasting Network.

List of stations[edit]

ARCS is seen on the following low-powered television stations:

Inactive stations[edit]

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