Alaskan Knights

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Alaskan Knights
Krazy Kat series
Directed by Manny Gould
Ben Harrison
Produced by Charles Mintz
Animation by Manny Gould
Ben Harrison
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) May 23, 1930[1]
Color process Black and white
Running time 6:57
Language English
Preceded by An Old Flame
Followed by Jazz Rhythm

Alaskan Knights, also known as Animal Rhythm is some reissues, is an animated cartoon by Columbia Pictures, and as part of the Krazy Kat series.


Travelling through the frosty landscape, Krazy rides on a sled pulled by a pack of huskies. At the end of his journey, he enters a saloon where he spends the rest of the film. The saloon is filled with dancing guests but Krazy stands by the counter.

Moments later, a beautiful female rat in a skirt and pumps shows up at the balcony before walking downstairs. She then approaches and selects Krazy to be her dance partner. They begin to strut their stuff.

After Krazy and the rat sat by a table where they each drank a mug of ale, the cat decides to have fun on his own. He then picks up a bow and comes to a table occupied by a sleeping hefty patron. Getting carried away, Krazy pulls one of the hefty patron's mustaches and rubs the bow on them as if they were violin strings. In no time, that patron wakes up annoyed and gives Krazy an intimidating gaze. But before an attack could be delivered, Krazy takes a pin, and pricks his would-be-attacker who then explodes. In this, a group of smaller and harmless versions of the patron appeared and started dancing merrily. Krazy and the rat went on to join the celebration.


  • Though Krazy's date in the short is a rat, her clothes suggests she is a prototype for the spaniel who would appear later in the same year.
  • The short is available in the Columbia Cartoon Collection: Volume 1.[2]


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