Alastaro Circuit

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Alastaro Circuit
Alastaron moottorirata.jpg
Alastaro track profile.
Location Loimaa, Finland
Major events SMP F4 Championship, EC Drag Race, RR Scandinavian Open, NEZ Racing Championship
Length 2.721 km (1.691 mi)
Turns 11
Lap record 1:11.437 (Andrea Belicchi, Lukoil Racing, 2003, F3)

The Alastaro Circuit is a racing circuit situated in Virttaa village in Loimaa, Finland. The track is 3.00 kilometres (1.86 mi) long. There are also "jokamiesluokka" (folkrace) and drag racing tracks in the same area.

The circuit is named after former municipality of Finland. It was merged to town of Loimaa in 2009.

Track info:

  • Length: 2721 metres (1.691 miles)
  • Length of folkrace track: 1,800 metres (1.12 miles)
  • Run: clockwise
  • Width: 12–15 metres (39–49 ft)


Coordinates: 60°58′27″N 22°39′20″E / 60.97424°N 22.65558°E / 60.97424; 22.65558