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Alaveteli is free and open source software by mySociety to help citizens write Freedom of Information requests and automatically publish any responses.[2]

Alaveteli is described as "a project to create a free, standard, internationalised platform for making Freedom of Information (FOI) requests".[3][4] Alaveteli is funded by the Open Society Institute and the Hivos Foundation.[5]

It started life as the software running WhatDoTheyKnow, a UK site that publishes responses to FOI requests. The original WhatDoTheyKnow code was written primarily by Francis Irving while working for mySociety.[6] Alaveteli is named after Alaveteli in Finland where Anders Chydenius who was an early campaigner[7] for Freedom of Information worked as a curate. Alaveteli is the name for the software rather than a public facing website or brand.

People who run sites on the Alaveteli platform are also invited to become part of a community, with support and tips shared via a message board,[8] and regular conferences[9]

Alternative free and open source software that are used to operate FOI-request portals include Froide, which[10] in Germany and in Austria are based on, and MuckRock,[11] which is used for MuckRock and FOIA Machine in the United States.

Sites running Alaveteli[edit]


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