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For the suburb of Darwin, see Alawa, Northern Territory.
Total population
possibly several hundred
(Less than 1% of the Australian population)
Regions with significant populations
(Northern Territory)
Alawa language, English, Australian Kriol language
Aboriginal mythology
Related ethnic groups
Ngandji people

The Alawa people are an Indigenous Australian people from the Northern Territory, Australia. They live in an area of abundant food resources i.e. turtles, ducks, crocodiles, and fish. In modern-day the Alawa people are involved in ranching. Together with the Ngandji people they have claimed the Cox River block. The suburb of Alawa in the Darwin's north, is named in honour of the Alawa people.

The Alawa language had only 18 speakers in a report dated 1991 (Ethnologue). That number was reduced to 12 by 2013. The speakers of Alawa are mainly adults, and most Alawa speak Kriol, though there are Alawa language revival efforts at the Minyeri School in the Alawa community.


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