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Alawi (Arabic: علوي), also transliterated as Alevi, Alevi, Alavi, Alawid, or Alawite (French: Alaouite), is an adjective denoting "of or related to Ali", the Prophet Muhammad's cousin. As a proper noun it is used by individuals, dynasties, places, and religious sects and organizations who identify as being either descendants or followers of Ali. It may refer to:




  • Alaouite dynasty, the current royal family of Morocco since the 17th century
  • Alavids, the Zaydi Alid dynasty of Tabaristan in northern Iran during the 9th and 10th centuries
  • Ba 'Alawi sada, a family and social group in Yemen and descendants of Imam Ahmad al-Muhajir through Alawi bin Ubaydillah


  • Alawites, a Shia minority sect in Syria, also known as Nusayris
  • Aleviler in Turkey
  • Alavi Bohra, an Tayyibi-Isma'ili Shia minority sect in India and Pakistan
  • Ba 'Alawiyya, a Sunni Sufi order in Yemen, also known as Tariqa Alawiyya

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