Alba (Danish music ensemble)

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Alba are a Danish medieval music ensemble founded in 1992. The ensemble consists of the duo Agnethe Christensen (voice, kantele)[1] and Poul Høxbro (taborpipe, percussion),[2] or the trio with the harpist Helen Davis.[3]


The ensemble released four recordings on the Danish Classico label. The first three of these, together with a solo recording by Høxbro, were then re-released as a 4-for-1 box by Membran.

  • Hildegard von Bingen. Music from Symphonia harmonia caelestium revelationum. O viriditas.. Agnethe Christensen, Poul Høxbro, Helen Davies with members of the vocal ensemble Con Fuoco CLASSCD 198:
  • Songs of longing and lustful tunes. Cantigas de amigo. CLASSCD 225: Agnethe Christensen, Poul Høxbro
  • Die tenschen Morder CLASSCD 335: Meister Rumelant, minnesinger at the Danehof court. Poul Høxbro, Agnethe Christensen, Miriam Andersén
  • It barn er fød CLASSCD 395: Old Yuletide Songs from Scandinavia. Et barn er fodt i Bethlehem. Laus Virginis nati sonat. Personent hodie... Miriam Andersen, Poul Høxbro, Agnethe Christensen
  • Tu-tu pan-pan. CLASSCD 286: A piper's journey through medieval Europe. Got in vier elementen. Poul Høxbro


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