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Alba gu bràth ([ˈal̪ˠapə kə ˈpɾaːx] About this sound listen ) is a Scottish Gaelic phrase used to express allegiance to Scotland. Idiomatically it translates into English as "Scotland forever" though the literal meaning of gu bràth in Gaelic is 'until Judgment'.[1] The phrase is often used as a political slogan in the campaign for Scottish independence.

The phrase is parallel to the Welsh language slogan "Cymru am byth" ("Wales forever") or the Irish Erin go bragh ("Ireland Forever").

Derivative spellings[edit]

Various (mis-)spellings are sometimes seen, for example: Alba go bragh, Alba gu bra, Alba go breá.

Popular culture[edit]

In the 1995 film Braveheart, Scottish patriot and national hero William Wallace (portrayed by Mel Gibson) shouts, "Alba gu bràth" as he gallops across the front of his assembled Scottish troops just prior to the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

In the Epic Rap Battles of History's George Washington vs. William Wallace episode, Wallace exclaims to Washington, "I'll knock your face off your moola / Alba gu bràth / gu bràth / hoo-rah / hoo-rah!"[2]

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