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Temporal range: Cretaceous to Late Pliocene
Albanerpeton BW.jpg
Life restoration of Albanerpeton
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Allocaudata
Family: Albanerpetontidae
Genus: Albanerpeton
Estes and Hoffstetter, 1976
  • A. inexpectatum Estes and Hoffstetter, 1976 (type)
  • A. galaktion Fox and Naylor, 1981
  • A. nexuosus Estes, 1981
  • A. arthridion Fox and Naylor, 1982
  • A. cifellii Gardner, 1999
  • A. gracilis Gardner, 2000
  • A. pannonicus Venczel and Gardner, 2005

Albanerpeton is an extinct genus of salamander-like lissamphibian found in North America and Europe. Members of the genus had a robust head and neck which likely allowed them to actively burrow, and they lived in a wide range of environments. This genus of amphibian was the last of its order, surviving until the late Pliocene in southern Europe, and likely became extinct when the region developed its present Mediterranean-type climate.


Cladogram from Gardner (2002):[1]




Kirtlington sp.


A. arthridion

Gracile-snouted clade

A. cifellii

A. galaktion

A. gracilis

Robust-snouted clade

A. nexuosus

Paskapoo sp.

A. inexpectatum


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