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Albanian–British relations
Map indicating locations of Albania and United Kingdom


United Kingdom
Diplomatic Mission
Albanian Embassy, London British Embassy, Tirana

Albania – United Kingdom relations are the international relations between Albania and United Kingdom. The diplomatic relations between Albania and the United Kingdom were established first in 1922, interrupted in 1939 for 51 years, to be re-established in 29 May 1991.[1]

Embassies and consulates[edit]

The Albanian embassy in London.

There is a British Embassy on Rruga Skenderbeg in Tirana with Mr Nicholas Cannon OBE as the ambassador.[2] The Albanian embassy to the United Kingdom is located on St. George's Drive in the City of Westminster, London.

Diplomatic visits[edit]

On the 12 February 2008 Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lulzim Basha met the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband[3]

Military Cooperation[edit]

The militaries of Albania and the United Kingdom have cooperated on numerous occasions, including military exercises in 2013 and 2014. The 2013 Albanian Lion exercise involved nearly 1000 Royal Marines and the HMS Bulwark. [4] The 2014 Albanian Lion exercise saw 600 Royal Marines visit Albania.[5]


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