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The Albanian Coalition (Albanian: Koalicioni Shqiptar; Serbian: Албанска коалиција, Albanska koalicija) was an Albanian political alliance in Montenegro.


The alliance was formed by the Albanian Alternative (AA), the Democratic League in Montenegro (DSCG) and the Democratic Party (DP) prior to the 2012 elections. The AA and DSCG had contested the 2009 elections as the "Albanian List", winning a single seat.[1] Led by Fatmir Deka, in the 2012 elections the alliance received 1.1% of the vote,[1] winning one seat.[2]

In September 2016, the Albanian Alternative (AA) agreed to form a pre-election alliance with New Democratic Power – FORCA and Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA). Democratic League in Montenegro (DSCG) and Democratic Party (DP) decided to sign an agreement with Albanian Coalition "Perspective" for 2016 elections.