Albanian Commemorative Medal

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Albanska spomenica
Momcilo Gavric orden.JPG
Awarded by the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Type Medal
Eligibility All military personnel who survived withdrawal of Serbian military through Albania in winter 1915/16.
Awarded for Commemoration of the withdrawal through Albania in winter 1915/16.
Status Discontinued
Established 5 April 1920
First awarded 1920
Total awarded 142.148[1]
Commemorative Medal of the Albanian Campaign,1920 rib.png

The Commemorative Medal for the withdrawal of the Serbian army through Albania (Serbian: Медаља за спомен на повлачење српске војске преко Албаније), known as the Albanian Commemorative Medal (Албанска споменица) is a single-classed military medal awarded to all Serbian military personnel and civilians who retreated through Albania in the winter of 1915/16 during World War I. It was instituted on 5 April 1920 by the decree of Crown Prince-Regent Alexander I Karadjordjević in the then newly established state of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia). The obverse side depicts the profile of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Army, Prince-Regent Alexander I, and around it is a circular inscription "for his war comrades Alexander" (својим ратним друговима Александар). On the reverse is inscription "for loyalty to the fatherland 1915" (за верност отаџбини 1915). The medal is worn on the light green bar with black stripes along the edge. The Commemorative Medal was the honorary award of lower rank, but has its own historical significance, as it is given on anniversaries and jubilees to all participants of the event. By the end of 1915 the Serbian Amy faced defeat, after being attacked from several directions by the Austro-Hungarian, German and Bulgarian forces. The decision was taken to retreat southwards, through the mountains of Albania toward the Adriatic coast. From there, the Army was transported to safety on the Greek island of Corfu. King Petar I and Prince-Regent Aleksandar I shared the terrible ordeal of their Army.

Albanian Commemorative Medal document; this particular one was issued to Momčilo Gavrić.

Notable recipients[edit]