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The Albanian Committee of Janina (Albanian: Komiteti Shqiptar i Janinës) was an Albanian organization of the 19th century with the aim of defending Albanian rights.[1]

The Albanian Committee of Janina was formed in May 1877 in Janina then a city of the Ottoman Empire in the Vilayet of Janina, by prominent Muslim Albanian personalities of the Vilayet and central figures of the Albanian National Awakening.[2] Abdyl Frashëri from Përmet, Abedin Dino from Preveza, Mehmet Ali Vrioni from Berat, Vesel Dino from Preveza, and other notable members of the Vilayet's Albanian community.[1]

As no political decisions, documents or an official seal were issued, the group was not an organized committee functioning as a political organization, but a group of Tosk Albanians interested in the Albanian national movement having similar ideas about the future of Albanians.[2]

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