Albanian Flag Day

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Albanian Independence day
Flag of Albania.svg
Also calledAlbanian Flag Day
In Albanian: Dita e Flamurit or Festa e Flamurit
Observed byAlbania
SignificanceThe day of presentation of the flag of Albania in Skanderbeg's rebellion
Date28 November
Next time28 November 2019 (2019-11-28)

Flag Day (Albanian: Dita e Flamurit) or Independence Day, commonly known as the Albanian Independence day, is celebrated every 28 November as a holiday in Albania,[1] The Albanian diaspora. It refers to the Albanian Declaration of Independence on 28 November 1912 and the rise of the Albanian flag in Vlora, coinciding with the day in which Skanderbeg raised the same flag in Krujë, on 28 November 1443.[2]

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