Albanian Geological Survey

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Albanian Geological Survey
Industry Geoscience
Founded 1922 (1952)
Headquarters Rruga e Kavajes, Nr. 153Tirana, Albania
Area served
Number of employees
The Residence of Head-Directory of AGS in Tirana

The Public institution of Albania was tasked to collect and analyze Geological data from the territory of Republic of Albania, and to support scientific and technical assistance to the Albanian government. The first public initiative on the field of geology was the foundation of the Geological Office in 1922. The head Geologist of this office was Dr. Ernst Nowack. Dr. Nowack published the first Geological Map of Albania at 1: 200 000 scale.

The Albanian Geological Survey was founded at 1952 in Tirana. During this time, the specialists of AGS have performed several studies in the Albanian territory, which consist in a potent quantity of data collected into the Central Geological Archive of AGS.[1]

Structure and Staff[edit]

The AGS is organized into departments: Department of Geology, Department of Hydrogeology, Department of Data-processing and Publications, Department of Support Services, Department of Coordination and Development, Department of Geoengineering, Geophysics and Geodesy, Department of Laboratories and Chemical Analysis, and Department of Mineral Resources.[2]

The staff of AGS count 120 persons, 80% of which are specialists of several fields of geosciences, and the others are administrative personnel.


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