Albanian Homeland Party

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Albanian Homeland party
Partia Shqiptare Atdheu
Leader Kreshnik Osmani
Founded 2004
Headquarters Tirana
Political position Centre[1]
Colours Red
Coat of arms of Albania.svg
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Albanian Homeland Party (in Albanian: Partia Shqiptare Atdheu) is a political party in Albania. It is led by Kreshnik Osmani.

Partys main point[edit]

"Albania will gradually become the modern state of law, where life and property are guaranteed by law, the integrated natural way pan democratic in space, a bridge between East and West through traditional Adriatic-Ionian corridor, connecting factor between Europe and Mediterranean countries, an important factor of peace, stability and progress in the Balkans and integrated with great dignity in the family of Euro-Atlantic area. " [2]


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