Albanian Training and Doctrine Command

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Albanian Training and Doctrine Command
Komanda e Doktrinës dhe Stërvitjes
Emblem of the Albanian tradoc.svg
Coat of Arms of the Albanian TRADOC
Active 2001 - today
Country  Albania
Type Training and Doctrine Command
Size ~1000
Part of Albanian Armed Forces
Headquarters Tirana
Nickname(s) TRADOC
Commander Brig.Gen. Agim Lala

The Albanian Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) consists of the Albanian Defence Academy, the Skanderbeg Military University, the NCO "Tomson" Academy, the Basic Training Brigade, a consolidated Troops School, a Defence Analysis Center, and a Training Support Center.[1]

TRADOC focuses in:

  • Individual basic and specialty training of CO's, NCO's, civilian education and career development;
  • Development of operational doctrine;
  • Training guidance and training support.


Authorized personnel strength is approximately 1000, not counting students and annual trainees.

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