Albany Street Bridge

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Albany Street Bridge
Albany Street Bridge, 1910.png
The bridge in 1910
Coordinates 40°29′51″N 74°26′16″W / 40.49746°N 74.437695°W / 40.49746; -74.437695Coordinates: 40°29′51″N 74°26′16″W / 40.49746°N 74.437695°W / 40.49746; -74.437695
Carries Road traffic
Crosses Raritan River
Locale Highland Park into New Brunswick, NJ
Design Arch
Material Stone
Total length 595.2 feet (181.4 m)
Width 41 feet (12 m)
Clearance above 21.3 feet (6.5 m)
Opened 1887
Albany Street Bridge is located in New Brunswick, NJ
Albany Street Bridge
Albany Street Bridge
Location in New Brunswick, NJ

The Albany Street Bridge is a bridge that carries Route 27 in the U.S. state of New Jersey spanning the Raritan River. The bridge connects Highland Park on the east with New Brunswick on the west. The bridge is so named because Route 27 in New Brunswick, from the Raritan River to Easton Avenue, is known locally as Albany Street.


Albany Street Bridge in 1903.

The low stone arch bridge was built in 1887. It was widened in 1925, ten years after Route 27 had become part of the transcontinental Lincoln Highway. The bridge received modifications such as the chain link fencing in the 1980s. From the bridge's centennial in 1987 until 1991, a major renovation created a drastic traffic bottleneck in the area.

From the road, the appearance of the bridge is very modern. The best views of this historic arch bridge are from the banks of the Raritan River and from the nearby Northeast Corridor railroad bridge.

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