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Albany Unified School District includes seven schools in Albany, California, United States.


Beginning in 2002-2003 the school district established an open door policy allowing non-Albany residents to attend Albany USD schools. By 2007 the district had so many new in-district students that it began to put limitations on out of district transfers.[1]


UC Village, a University of California Berkeley family housing unit, is within the Albany USD. Around 2007 some housing units at UC Village were replaced, leading to a surge in enrollment among the district's school population.[1]

AUSD schools[edit]

  • Cornell Elementary School
  • Marin Elementary School
  • Ocean View Elementary School
  • Albany Middle School
  • Albany High School
  • Albany Adult School

Before the addition of Ocean View in 1999, the district also included the two sister schools Vista and MacGregor, which were both K-2, and were closed down in 1999. The schools, although separate and located far from each other, were known collectively as Vista-MacGregor Elementary School.

Quick facts[edit]

  • Superintendent: Valerie Williams
  • Asst. Superintendent, Business Services: Laurie Harden
  • Location: 1051 Monroe Street


  • Marin Elementary: Melisa Pfohl
  • Cornell Elementary: Heather Duncan
  • Ocean View Elementary: Terry Georgeson
  • Albany Middle: Deborah Brill
  • Albany High: Alexa Ritchie
  • MacGregor High: Darren McNally
  • Albany Adult School: Deborah Brill

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