Albany Wind Farm

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Albany Wind Farm
Albany Wind Farm, Western Australia.jpg
Albany Wind Farm
Albany Wind Farm is located in Western Australia
Albany Wind Farm
Albany Wind Farm in Western Australia
Country Australia
Location near Albany, Western Australia
Coordinates 35°3′29″S 117°47′0″E / 35.05806°S 117.78333°E / -35.05806; 117.78333Coordinates: 35°3′29″S 117°47′0″E / 35.05806°S 117.78333°E / -35.05806; 117.78333
Status Operational
Commission date October 2001
Owner(s) Verve Energy
Wind farm
Avg. site elevation 80 m (262 ft)
Hub height 65 m (213 ft)
Rotor diameter 70 m (230 ft)
Power generation
Units operational 12 X 1.8 MW; 6 X 2.3 MW
Make and model Enercon: 12 X E66; 6 X E70
Nameplate capacity 35.4 MW

Albany wind farm is a wind power station near Albany, Western Australia, owned by Verve Energy. It has 18 wind turbines, with a maximum generating capacity of 35.4 MW of electricity. It was commissioned in October 2001, after ten years of planning. The wind farm has the capacity to produce 80 per cent of the electricity requirements of Albany.

The farm originally had 12 wind turbines, with 6 extra turbines installed in 2011. The original turbines are ENERCON model E66, each with three 35 metres (115 ft) long blades made from fibreglass and kevlar (making them very flexible in order to withstand any conditions) and are fitted to 65 metres (213 ft) towers. The nose cone which the blades attach to weighs around 14 tonnes. These turbines are the largest that have been installed in the southern hemisphere. The turbines operate automatically, with the three blades adjusted to make best use of power output from any wind direction or strength. They have been designed to withstand the strongest winds likely in Albany and incorporate special lightning protection. Each turbine has a rating of 1.8 MW and is able to produce electrical energy at wind speeds of 7–130 kilometres per hour (4–70 kn) at which the turbines are shut down. Maximum output is achieved at a wind speed of 50 kilometres per hour (27 kn). The 6 new turbines installed in 2011 are ENERCON model E70 with a rating of 2.3 MW. The turbines were made in Germany.

Albany wind farm is situated on the coast about 12 kilometres (7 mi) south-west of the city. It is in an elevated position at approximately 80 metres (262 ft) above the Southern Ocean. The height and locality is designed to maximise exploitation of local wind conditions, and combined with the short distance to the main electricity transmission system make this an outstanding wind farm site.[citation needed]

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